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Glossary KElectrical Contractor Terminology used by Goodiel Electric, LLC.

K-Bus (Courier) – Term used for the courier protocol on K-Bus interface for K-Relay range manufactured by Alstom.
kcmil – One thousand circular-mils.
Kilo – A prefix indicating one (1) thousand.
Kilowatt – 1000 watts of real power. Expressed at kW.
Kilowatt Hour – The use of one thousand watts for one hour.
Knee-Point e.m.f. – Result of when a sinusoidal e.m.f. is applied to the secondary terminals of a current transformer is increased by 10% causes the exciting current to increase by 50%.
kVA  – 1) Apparent Power expressed in Thousand Volt-Amps. 2) Kilovolt Ampere rating designates the output which a transformer can deliver at rated voltage and frequency without exceeding a specified temperature rise.
KVAR – KVAR is the measure of additional reactive current flow which occurs when the voltage and current flow are not perfectly in phase.
kW – See “Kilowatt”.
kWh – See “Kilowatt Hour”.
KYZ – A designator for the Form-C pulse initiator output from a transducer.

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