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Glossary IElectrical Contractor Terminology used by Goodiel Electric, LLC.

I – Current.
I.D.M.T. – Inverse Definite Minimum Time.
I/O – Input/Output.
I2t – Current Squared times time. This is an electrical quantity that is used to determine energy to a protective device, such as a circuit breaker or fuse.
ICCP – Term used for IEC 60870-6-603 protocol.
ICEA  – Insulated Cable Engineers Association. ICEA is located at P.O. Box P, Southe Yarmouth, MA 02664.
ICT – Interposing Current Transformer (software implemented).
IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission.
IED – Intelligent Electronic Device. Equipment containing a microprocessor and software used to implement one or more functions in relation to an item of electrical equipment.
IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Pronounced “eye-triple-E”, this non-profit U.S. engineering organization develops, promotes, and reviews standards within the electronics, computer and electric power industries.
IESNA  – Illuminating Engineering Society of North America . Founded in 1906, IESNA is the recognized technical authority on illumination.
IGBT – Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor.
ILL (Lighting) – Initial Lamp Lumens.
Impedance – 1) The total opposing force to the flow of current in an ac circuit. 2) The combination of resistance and reactance affecting the flow of an alternating current generally expressed in ohms.
Impulse – A current surge.
Impulse Test – Tests to confirm that the insulation level is sufficient to withstand overvoltages, such as those caused by lightning strikes and switching.
Incandescent Lamp – A lamp in which light is produced by a filament heated to incandescence by an electric current.
Incident Energy – The amount of energy impressed on a surface, a certain distance from the source, generated during an electrical arc event. Often measured in calories per centimeter squared. (cal/cm²).
Incidental Light Traffic – Refers to a grade level Reinforced Polymer Concrete or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic box or Cover load rating of 10,400lbs. This rating is derived from incidental single vehicle tire contact estimated at a maximum of 8000lbs with an impact factor of 30%.
Independent System Operator – See California Independent System Operator (Cal-ISO).
Independent Time Measuring Relay – A measuring relay, the specified time for which can be considered as being independent, within specific limits, of the value of the characteristic quantity.
Induced Current – Current in a conductor resulting from a nearby electromagnetic field.
Induced Voltage – A voltage produced in a circuit from a nearby electric field.
Inductance – 1) The property of a circuit in which a change in current induces an electro motive force. 2) Magnetic component of impedance.
Influence Quantity – A quantity which is not the subject of the measurement but which influences the value of the output signal for a constant value of the measurand.
Initial Lamp Lumens (Lighting) – (AMF x PS x RW)/(CU x LLF).
Input Quantity – The quantity, or one of the quantities, which constitute the signals received by the transducer form the measured system.
Inrush Current – The initial surge of current experienced before the load resistance of impedance increases to its normal operating value.
Instantaneous Relay – A relay that operates and resets with no intentional time delay.
Instrument Transformer – A transformer that is only designed to reduce current or voltage from a primary value to a lower value secondary that can be applied to a meter or instrument, at a proportional safer level.
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor – A special design of transistor that is suitable for handling high voltages and currents. Often used in static power control equipment such as inverters, or controlled rectifiers, due to the flexibility of control of the output.
Insulation – Sunlight, direct of diffuse, from incident solar radiation. It is equal to approximately 1000 watts per square meter at high noon. Not to be confused with insulation.
Insulation – 1) A non-conductive material used on a conductor to separate conducting materials in a circuit. 2) The non-conductive material used in the manufacture of insulated cables.
Insulator – A device that is used to electrically isolate a conductor or electrical device from ground or a different electrical potential. Electrical insulators are manufactured by Porcelain Products Company and W.H. Salisbury & Company.
Intensity (Lighting) – The brightness of light in a given direction. Luminous intensity may be expressed in Candelas (cd) or in Lumens.
Intermediate (Lighting) – Those areas of a municipality often characterized by moderately heavy nighttime pedestrian activity such as in blocks having libraries, community recreation centers, large apartment buildings, industrial buildings or neighborhood retail stores.
Intermediate Class Arrester – Surge arresters with a high energy handling capability. These are generally voltage classed at 3-120kV.
Internal Impedance (Battery) – The opposition to the flow of alternating current at a particular frequency in a cell or battery at a specific state-of-charge and temperature.
Internal Resistance (Battery) – The opposition or resistance to the flow of Direct Electric Current within a cell or battery; The sum of the ionic and electronic resistance of the cell components. Its value may vary with the current, state-of-charge, temperature, and age.
International System of Units (SI) – A universal system of units in which the following six units of measure are considered basic: meter, kilogram, second, ampere, Kelvin degree and candela.
Interrupter Switch – A switch equipped with an interrupter for making or breaking connections under load.
Interrupting Medium – The “fluid” used to interrupt the flow of electric current in a switch or circuit breaker. In high power equipment, this may be oil, insulating gas or even no material, as is the case of vacuum interruption.
Interrupting Rating – The rating of a device to interrupt the flow of power or current, generally applied to a circuit breaker or a switch.
Interruption – The loss of electric service to one or more customers or other facilities. It is the result of one or more component outages.
Interruption Duration – The period from the initiation of an interruption to a customer or other facility to the time the service is restored.
Interruption, Momentary – An interruption of a duration limited to the period required to restore service by automatic or supervisory controlled switching operations or by manual switching at locations where operators are immediately available. .
Interruption, Sustained – Any interruption not classified as momentary. Any interruption longer that five (5) minutes.
Interstices – The space between two or more objects, such as the individual strands in a stranded conductor or conductors in a cable.
Intranet – A restricted access network that works like the internet but is not. Usually owned and managed by a corporation, an Intranet enables a company to share its resources with its employees without confidential information being made available to everyone.
Intrinsic Error – An error determined when the transducer is under reference conditions.
Inverse Time Delay Relay – A dependent time delay relay having an operating time which is an inverse function of the electrical characteristic quantity.
Inverter – A device that converts DC electricity into single or multiphase AC electricity.
Investor Owned Utility (IOU) – A utility company whose assets are owned by investors and whose stock is publicly traded.
Ion – Part of a molecule or group of atoms, positively or negatively charged, that transports electricity.
IOU – See Investor Owned Utility.
IP Address – Internet Protocol address. This address is a 32 bit, unique string of numbers that identifies a computer, a printer, or another device on the internet. The IP address consists of a quartet of numbers separated by periods.
IP Rating – Ingress Protection Rating, a two digit code, and an optional letter, specifying the level of protection from foreign objects with the first digit referring to protection from solids and the second digit referring to protection from liquids. The optional letter can be appended to classify only the level of protection against access to hazardous parts by persons or to provide additional information related to the protection of the device.
IP Rating Referance Chart 
ISM Band – The 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. ISM is actually synonymous with 2.4GHz, however it stands for Industrial, Scientific and Medical.
ISO – Independent System Operator.
Isolation – 1) A non-conductive material used to seperate conducting materials in a circuit. 2) The non-conductive material used in the manufacture of insulated cables.
Isolation Link – A metal link used in series with a fusing device that melts and prevents refusing/re-enerization of a transformer.
Isotropic Antenna  – A theoretical, ideal antenna having a signal range of 360 degrees. It is used as a baseline for measuring a real antenna ‘s strength signal, in dBi, where i represents Isotropic Antenna .


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