Solar Power Installation Timing

Timing Your Solar Power Installation.

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Now windows can be energy sources.

Let the sun be your utility provider. Florida’s long, sunny, summer days provide free solar energy.  Solar power generates clean energy and helps to reduce your individual carbon footprint as well.  So, considering a solar system installation as part of the solution to lower your electrical generation costs.

Residential solar power generation is no longer more expensive than traditional fossil fuels. Indeed, it is cheaper.  In the past seven years, wind and solar capacity in the United States has tripled, and new capacity has favored renewables. In 2014 wind and solar made up 55 percent of new electric generating capacity in the United States. By comparison, natural gas was 42 percent. The other new sources — coal, nuclear, and oil — were all under 1 percent.

Currently, the federal government allows a 30 percent investment tax credit for solar. That credit is now not set to expire at the end of 2016.  A report from Deutsche Bank says that even without additional subsidies, solar is already cost competitive in Florida and 13 other states. If costs for solar continue to fall as predicted, then we could see solar electricity as cheap as average electricity bill prices in 47 states within the next two years, according to Deutsche Bank’s report.

So, a home solar system can save money while providing a better future for the planet and generations to come. That said, the real issue is not whether you should or should not install a solar power system on your home, but when.