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Glossary EElectrical Contractor Terminology used by Goodiel Electric, LLC.

Earth Fault Protection System – A protection system which is designed to excite during faults to earth.
Earthing Transformer – A three-phase transformer intended essentially to provide a neutral point to a power system for the purpose of grounding.
Eddy Current – The current that is generated in a transformer core due to the induced voltage in each lamination. It is proportional to the square of the lamination thickness and to the square of the frequency.
EEI – Edison Electric Institute. [www.eei.org]
EERA  – Electrical Equipment Representatives Association. EERA is an association of electrical manufacturers representatives. Additional information on EERA can be found at www.eera .org. Young & Company is a member of EERA .
Effective Internal Resistance (Battery) – The apparent opposition to current within a battery that manifests itself as a drop in battery voltage proportional to discharge current. Its value is dependent on battery design, state-of-charge, temperature and age.
Effective Power (Watts) – See “Watt.”
Effective Range – The range of values of the characteristic quantity or quantities. For example the energizing quantities to which the relay will respond and satisfy the requirements to precision.
Effective Setting – The setting of a protection system including the effects of current transformers, this effective setting can be expressed in terms of primary current or secondary current from the current transformers.
Effectively Grounded – Intentionally connected conductors or electric equipment to earth, where the connection and conductors are of sufficiently low impedance to allow the conducting of an intended current.
Efficiency (Lighting) – A ratio of light emitted from a luminaire to the light produced by the bare lamp.
EHV – See “Extra High Voltage”.
Elbow – A device used to connect a medium voltage cable (4-35KV nominal) to an electrical component such as a switch or transformer. Its name is derived from the fact that its shape is an “L”. Elbows are available in ratings of 200, 600 and 900 Ampere.
Electrical Hazard – A dangerous condition such that contact or equipment failure can result in electric shock, arc flash burn, thermal burn, or blast.
Electrical Relay – A device designed to produce sudden predetermined changes in one or more electrical circuits after the appearance of certain conditions in the controlling circuit.
Electrical Safety – Recognizing hazards associated with the use of electrical energy and taking precautions so that hazards do not cause injury or death.
Electrically Safe Work Condition – A state in which the conductor or circuit part to be worked on or near has been disconnected from energized parts, locked/tagged in accordance with established standards, tested to ensure the absence of voltage, and grounded if determined necessary.
Electricity – The flow of electrons through a conducting medium.
Electrolyte (Battery) – In a lead-acid battery, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid diluted with water. It is a conductor and also a supplier of hydrogen and sulfate ions for the reaction.
Electromechanical Relay – An electrical relay in which the designed response is excited by a relative mechanical movement of elements under the action of a current in the input circuit.
Electromotive Force – Potential causing electricity to flow in a closed circuit.
Elongation – The amount (% length) that a conductor or other material can stretch before breaking when a pulling force is applied.
Embedded Generation – Generation that is connected to a distribution system possibly at LV instead of HV.
EMS – See Energy Management System.
EMTDC™ – Electro-Magnetic Transients for DC. Incorporates both EMTP and ATP, and integrates DC systems and components.
EMTP – Electromagnetic Transients Program.
End Point Voltage – Battery Voltage reached at the termination of a discharge. Also Known as the Cut Off Voltage.
End-of-Discharge Voltage – The voltage of a battery at the termination of a discharge but before the discharge is stopped.
End-Point Voltage – The Cell or Battery voltage at which point the rated discharge capacity has been delivered at a specific Rate-of-Discharge. It is also used to specify the cell or battery voltage below which the connected equipment will not operate.
Energy – That which does work or is capable of doing work. Electricity is energy that is measured in kilowatt hours.
Energy Management System – A system in which a dispatcher can monitor and control the flow of electric power by opening and closing switches to route electricity or to isolate a part of the system for maintenance.
Entrainment (Battery) – The process whereby gasses generated in the cell carry electrolyte through the vent cap.
EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Dione Monimer. This is a synthetic rubber compound used as insulation in making electrical components.
EPR – Ethylene Propylene Rubber, a synthetic rubber compound that is used as cable insulation.
EPRI – Electric Power Research Institute. EPRI is located at P.O. Box 10412, Palo Alto, CA 94303.
EPROM – Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory.
Eutectic – An alloy used to form the melting point of a fuse. It is frequently silver or tin based.
Event – In the digital world an event is any information acquired or produced by the digital control system.
Exciting Current – The magnetizing current of a device such as a transformer. Also known a field current.
Expressway Roadway (Lighting) – A divided major roadway for through-traffic with partial control of access and generally with interchanges at major crossroads. Expressways for non-commercial traffic within parks and park-like area are generally known as parkways.
Extension, Box – An add-on section that fits to the bottom or to the top of a gread level box, extending its height.
Extra High Voltage – An electrical system or cable designed to operate at 345kv (nominal) or higher.
Extrusion – The application of a semi-solid rubber or plastic material such as PVC onto a conductor.



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